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First attempt on doing deco case for commission (Xperia Z2), the classic couple Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. We love the progress! <3 Thanks @naokiferrio for this lovely case, hope you like it ;) #decocase #handmadedecocase #sailormoondecocase #sailormoon #tuxedomask #handmadeclay #handmadeaccessories #clayart #clayjakarta #jualclay #jualdecocase

Nautical Brass Patina Tentacle Porthole Lamp

Creative Care Packages 📦💕 creativecarepackages

Many have LOVED this idea for a fun care package. Repinning it to bring back up to the top of this board. : ) - Fun care package idea!

Gonna Love You Until The Seas Run Dry Sign, Nautical Wedding Theme, Anchor Sign, Beach Wedding Signs, Beach Decor, Love Quote Wall Art

"Gonna Love You Until The Seas Run Dry" Nautical, Beach Décor Sign Handmade Wood Sign This is a hand painted wooden plaque. No Vinyl Used - Stencils or Paint Pens Sizes: 13x9 and 18x12 Colors: rustic

Uncharted Territory

Twig Terrariums Handmade, easy to maintain, self-contained landscapes Each Twig creation contains something special - a snapshot in miniature of one's daily life or passions; a brief moment of urban living amongst the mosses.