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beer signs + glass block

Walking back to our car from Art All Night, we passed this bar with glass block windows and a blue steel door…

Glass block windows add height and interest to the Vertical House in France by Aude Borromee Architecte

Take for instance the LightWise® Glass Block Low E Energy Efficient Vinyl window from Pittsburgh Corning. This window meets ENERGY STAR requirements across the United States.

Project in Hudson, NY: We replaced old windows in a homeowners garage with beautiful Decora glass blocks. They came out great and the homeowner was supremely satisfied.

A building in Hackensack, Nj was being built with a requirement to have fire-rated material in the windows. They chose Pittsburgh Corning's fire-rated glass block over other fire-rated material like glass plate windows and the outcome looks great.

When we may think of a storm shelter, we think of the type that Dorothy’s family entered in the beginning of the movie The Yellow Brick Road. However, there are several types of storm shelters. Common examples are shelters built above ground or a safe room inside the home or garage. Us the right windows for these type of shelters. LightWise Tornado Resistant Window

When you build a home, windows are a major part of the decisions you will be making. #windows

The need for a building permit is a common question from Homeowners repairing or replacing their windows in the State of New Jersey after the hurricane Sandy. The need for a building permit will often depend on whether the work is repair, renovation, or alteration. In general, repairing a window does not require e a permit. Changing the location of the window or its use may require a permit. Your municipality and the State of New Jersey should be consulted before work begins.

The New Old / Jessica Liew

A house that maximizes a relatively small 385m² site in inner city Melbourne, providing bright but private living spaces. There is simple, relaxed feel about this house, loaded with character from the natural materials used including concrete, recycled tumbled bricks and hardwood timber. These provide an honesty and rawness so rarely seen these days – an antithesis to the glitz, luxe and glamour often seen in popular magazine and tv programs.