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Explore Plants Cornelian, Bring Minerals and more!

Happy comfrey (large leaves) serve as a dynamic accumulator by having a deep tap root to bring minerals to the surface to feed other plants (cornelian cherries, goumis and aronias). Goumis make a great nitrogen fixing plant.

Goumi berry on swale gives fruit and provides nitrogen fixing for other plants. #permaculture

Comfrey growing on a permaculture swale at Cedar House Inn and Yurts permaculture site in Dahlonega, GA. Comfrey is a dynamic accumulator- brings up minerals from it's deep tap root to fertilize the surrounding plants. This picture taken in December and this will be harvested for future use. A wonderful perrenial that is happy every year.

We sheet mulched this area that was once grass on the west side of the inn to reduce mowing and have additional planting areas. The trees are cherries and plums and swale berm in foreground planted with comfrey, cornelian cherries, aronias, goumi berries, wolf berries, etc. Planted the hay area on the other side of the swale with squash and maybe sweet potatoes.

Autumn olive (large shrub) growing on one of our swales provides nitrogen to neighboring pomegranate and blueberries. Autumn olive has a deep tap root that provides nitrogen and an edible berry for wildlife and humans.

Comfrey (large leaf) is a dynamic accumulator and provides many minerals and nutrients on this swale to the nearby nanking cherries. We also make comfrey tea with the harvested leaves for additional fertilizer. A great edible perennial. Chickens also like to eat it. Also medicinal for humans.

Plantain - attracts beneficial insects, is a dynamic mineral accumulator & forage crop for animals........

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Using comfrey as fertilizer. From the blog post "It's full of potassium (3 times that the amount in organic manure), an essential for veggies and other plants to grow and fruit to their full potential. Comfrey is also high in calcium, nitrogen, phosphorous, & potash. The perfect mix for fertilizing your garden organically! "