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Battle of Hogwarts I feel like it makes Ginny seem like she was just a helpless little girl waiting for the boy. She rebelled against the Carrows with her friends and also fought in the battle. It should be the girl who fought or something like that.

Ok, about 50 Harry Potter Awww moments with this click... :) I balled the whole time...

Harry Potter and the Movie of Sass. That's why his hair is so big, it's full of sarcasm. 1.<-- this caption 2. Harry Potter the boy who sassed and 3. He is the ultimate lord of sass

19 Real Thoughts Harry Potter Fans Actually Have

True, but even truer, no one now will understand the real phenomenon of the wait and excitement of reading each book as they came out. Standing in line to get the book, staying up all night to read it, only to be finished and have to wait all over again.

Except Harrys not all that wise...he's not stupid, but if he just listened to hermione, he would be better off...>>>>that is the most wrong thing I've ever heard. Harry was EXTREMELY wise, and much wiser than you are, I guess

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