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Teaching color to your child can be as easy as decorating a little hen like this one with objects in the same color family. 1. Cut a hen shape from red construction paper. 2. Paste red objects in varying textures to the hen. 3. Ask your child to name things that are red and note that even in different textures, these objects share the same color.

I spy with my little eye something that is white! What objects can your child spot that are our color of the month?

Our color of the month is bright & sunny yellow! Can your child find the yellow shapes in this image?

Our shape of the month can be seen hiding throughout this castle of blocks. How many squares can your child find?

A Threading Craft to Help Develop Your Child’s Fine Motor Skills

Help your child develop fine motor skills with this craft that uses our shape of the month.

Green is our color of the month! Can your child find Og the Bookworm hiding in this very green picture?

Our color of the month is black! Moooove in closer to see what color Molly’s spots are. How many can your child find?

What happens when we mix yellow with blue? Watch this video to see how you and your child can explore secondary colors at home.

We help our students learn about the color by sorting cut out hearts. Can you find the pink ones?