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How to Conserve Energy By Improving Your Refrigerator Performance

Turn off the Humidity Control feature, if you have a side-by-side or French door model. Manufacturers commonly design a hidden heater on the door hinge seal of the unit. This heater reduces or evaporates away moisture buildup on the refrigerator, but it also consumes electricity.

Recycling. Most of us have heard about it. Most of us know it’s good for the planet. And chances are, most of us do it. Yet, our research shows that many of us forget to recycle in the bathroom, where many of our personal care products are used.

Top 10 Myths about Bedbugs [Slide Show] Diatomaceous earth is an especially good way to combat bedbugs because they can't grow immune to it the way they can grow immune to chemical pesticides.

Should You Leave Your Lights On At Night? It Depends

According to FBI statistics, most residential crime actually occurs in daylight. But most people are not aware of this and turn off their burglar alarm systems in the day, Felson says. This is when your neighbors come into play — particularly retired folks who stay at home, Felson finds in his studies.

7 Ways to Get Dust Mites Under Control

Tiny dust mites can trigger a big reaction in those who are allergic. Learn simple strategies for controlling dust mites in your home.