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Food and beverage cartons can be recycled in many San Diego County jurisdictions now. Contact your city or waste/recycling hauler to find out what goes in your blue bin.

According to the Carton Council, access to carton recycling has increased 177% since 2009. That means 50% of US households have access to carton recycling. Psst, in PBC they go in your blue bin.

5 FAQs About Recycling Cartons, Answered

Cartons are a sustainable form of packaging and perfectly recyclable, but often don’t make it in the blue bin. Banish your carton confusion by checking out these frequently asked questions.

Starting a School Carton Recycling Program

Cartons can go in the regular recycling bin here in San Diego County. Just empty them, remove any straws or caps and toss them in!

Go Green! Reuse waxed milk or soy milk cartons for planters. Note: waxed cartons cannot be recycled into blue trash bins.

The first thing I learned in pre-school was how to recycle. (The second thing I learned was how not to bite my cubby-mate.) We separated glass bottles from plastic, sorting them into their appropriate containers. Before long, I was reducing, reusing, and recycling like a champ. But what I didn’t know was that each time I tossed a crusty milk carton into those bright blue bins, I was recalling a practice that is over two millennia old.