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Cleaver You'll likely recognize this plant by its hairy, sticky stems and leaves as well as the annoying burrs that like to get stuck in your pet's fur. It's best to harvest this plant before it goes to seed, and to boil it before eating it. Trying to eat it raw can be uncomfortable because the hairs like to fight back all the way down to your stomach. + Roastes seeds

Also known as white spirea, Grefsheim is an early spring blooming variety Height: 1.2 m (4 – 5 feet) Spread: 1.2 m (4 – 5 feet ) Bloom: small white, early spring, long lasting Foliage: green, on arching branches

Wood Sorrel Scientific name: Oxalis species What: leaves How: salad, seasoning Where: shady undergrowth When: spring, summer Nutritional Value: Vitamins A & C Dangers: Contains some oxalic acid, limit consumption to a small handful per day.