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/// Tripel Karmeliet is brewed in accordance with an authentic 1679 recipe using wheat, oats, and barley, and originating from the old Carmelite convent in the Belgian city of Dendermonde. Sweet and tart, dry and creamy. Top notch. Cheers.

Pistil from Magic Hat is a 4.5 ABV 20 IBU Herbed/Spiced beer brewed with dandelion petals.

Brooklyn Brew Shop's Hard Cider Kit: Our Hard Cider Kit Includes the Equipment and Ingredients to make 3 Batches of our Classic Dry Hard Cider.

Gose "An amazingly refreshing beer brewed with coriander and sea salt. The tart, dry finish combined with the hint of salt and citrus leaves your palate craving another sip." Lost Nation Brewing, Morrisville VT (1pt 4.5%) May 2016

Yuzu Imperial Berliner Weisse - New Belgium Brewing. 6 IBU, 8% ABV. I am not a sour beer fan. But I like this one. I get much more citrus from this than most other sour beers. The yuzu is not very pronounced, however there are nice wheat - citrus - sour notes. There is also a hint of creaminess. It is mouth filling and clean yet has a creamy finish.

Cantillon Don Quijote - Cantillon is another Belgian brewery that produces some of the most expensive beers in the world, and this is one of their finest. Brewed just once in 2008 using Italian grapes, this tart dry Lambic has sold for as high as $2,500.

Calabaza Blanca Style: Artisan Wild Ale ABV: 4.80% IBUs: 15 Available: Year Round Aged in large oak casks and refermented in the bottle, Calabaza Blanca is brewed in the Belgian Biere Blanche tradition. Spiced with orange peel and coriander, you’ll find it refreshingly tart, with a wonderfully dry finish.

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#TheNest #ultimatelivingroom Goose Island Beer Sofie Calories: 212 Okay, so this guy is technically 212 calories, but as a tart, dry, sparkling ale, this pick is a good transition for those wanting to end their night with a brew -- but don’t want the added calories most beers come with, or the watered down taste of most “light” ales.