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This Other Modeling Glory

"This Other Modeling Glory" of Jensen. Behold, the Hottest Jensen Ackles Pictures We Could Find <3 <3

Seb is the perfect "Bucky" so glad he didn't get Cap but got Bucky instead!!!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I love how they think they're so clever and take this so seriously!

In the context of what we know now, Ward pisses me off so much in this scene. Brett Dalton has been phenomenal.

''Let’s hear it for Captain America!….Who I told to stay home. Who let crazy scientists experiment on him even when a stiff breeze could snap him in two. WHO I APPARENTLY NEED TO GET A BACKPACK LEASH FOR.'' Hahaha!! ACCURATE!! :) / Bucky Barnes & Steve Rogers