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Male privilege >> Are there that many subservient women out there who raise men who think it's ok to treat women like this?!

Message to Deadpool, read this...

keep re-pinning/reposting/re whatever the fuck you're using. it'll get there eventually

One time the fire alarm went off in school and my maths teacher made us finish our questions and put our stuff away before we could go! As far as she knew, the building could have been on fire!

Yeah, like, am I the only one who things it is kind of messed up that Tony brought Peter into it??<< remember "that really old movie?" "How old is this guy?" "Not like I did a carbon date scan"

Edith Levy ~ New Orleans, street photography / Please don't tell me is not street art.. it is stand up comedy for free! Humour is important! :)

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