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We're channeling a past life! This week we try to remember our "past lives," by showcasing some terrible accents. Download now to hear the latest Scully Sass and Fashion Report, as well as a crazy improv shout-out song. Also, find out what has the girls discussing cake napping and hypnosis! Listen to the sounds of our voices... You're getting sleepy...You will download episode 122! Listen here OR find us on all podcast apps!

Cross over time! We welcome Tiny Fence's co-host Andrea Westaway onto the podcast to discuss 111. Eve. Amanda reveals an unsettling Mulder realization. Andrea has some fun facts. Carolyn's improv of the week will make you spit your water out - bewate. Vanessa introduces "Scully Sass!" Listen here OR search for us on your favourite podcast app!

We're back from our X-Files Filming adventures! This week the girls discuss Roland, its depiction of autism and the existence of psychic sibling connections. Also: Scully Sass, Fun Facts and The Shipping Report. Why does Amanda need to keep her change in plain sight? Just what is Vanessa eating? Where are Carolyn's M&S action figures? The truth is in here! Listen here OR search for us on your favourite podcast app!

Don't be a square, listen to EP 119: "Shapes"! Vanessa debuts her new shout out song (to which Amanda adds her own lines about cheese), Carolyn gets excited to talk about her home state, and the girls have an in-depth discussion about modern cultural depictions of aboriginal characters. All this and random Vancouver history, Scully Sass, and our shipping report. Download today! Listen here OR find us on your favourite podcast app!