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Brian Cooley shows you the Goodyear Eagle 360 concept, which reimagines tire tech, changing the donut shape into a ball.

Spherical tires. The Goodyear Eagle-360 concept is a MagLev powered tire designed for a future of fully automated cars. 3D-printed better traction and of course the ability to slide into any parking spot horizontally. #futurism #technology #tech #innovation #cars #selfdrivingcar #futuristic #3dprinting by forge_the_future

The Goodyear Eagle-360 is our vision for a tire for the long-term future that looks radically different from tires today…it’s a sphere! The unique shape means ultimate manoeuvrability, safety and connectivity for autonomous vehicles. The official Press Release from Goodyear shows the concepts: the spherical-shaped Eagle-360 – a …

The Spherical MagLev Goodyear Tires Are Nuts

Goodyear develops Spherical Maglev Tires! Roll any direction, including sideways to parallel park!

Gooyear Eagle 360 spherical tire

#HTE Goodyears Trippy "Eagle 360" Concept for Spherical Tires Heres a concept that those of you who enjoy putti

Spherical MagLev Goodyear tires An incredibly advanced, nature-inspired, magnetic-levitation-infused ball. Goodyear simply exposed its vision for a concept tire that’s meant for the self-driving vehicle of tomorrow. It’s called Eagle-360, and it’s absolutely round.

Goodyear has developed spherical concept tires called Eagle-360 for self-driving cars.