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Undoubtedly the most famous Surrealist painting in history, The Persistence of Memory is Salvador Dali’s iconic ode to time. The dripping clocks reflect the inner workings of Dali’s subconscious and convey a simple (albeit complexly delivered) message: time as we know it is meaningless.

Telling Time with Salvador Dali - Great Art Integration Activity

Learning to tell time can be boring for spice it up and teach it in a way they will never forget! Teach students about Salvador Dali and his famous artwork, The Persistence of Memory, where Mr. Dali portrays clocks in a very unusual way. In this lesson students will paint an unusual landscape as well as unusual clocks using Dali and his famous artwork as inspiration.

The Trick of Loving What You Do... - …even if you aren’t doing what you love.

The new grey: green appeal

Color scheme for the sunroom. Green wall with light gray floor... possibly take the walls a bit brighter