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Middle Cove in May Gina Cuff (2013) Watercolour 20in × 24in × 1in Current Bid: $495.00

Slope Canadian Environment Week Artbomb will give a donation from today’s sale to the David Suzuki Foundation. Camille Sleeman (2013) oil on canvas 36in × 36in × 1in

Celebration Vancouver Island Artists This Week's West Coast Art Focus features a daily artwork from a creative community of Vancouver Island artists. Kira Neumann (2013) Acrylic on Canvas 23in × 23in × 1in Current Bid: $600.00 #vancouver #art

Stepping Out Lori Ann Kenney (2013) Mixed Media/Acrylic on Canvas 20in × 20in × 1.5in Current Bid: $600.00 #vancouver #westcoast #art

Tar Debora Sloan (2013) acrylic on Canvas 36in × 30in × 1in Current Bid: $900 #art #Toronto ARTBOMB: BUY WHAT YOU LOVE

Tulip Festival Toby Jaxon (2013) Acrylic on Canvas 18in × 36in × 1in Current Bid: $1100.00

Sunbaked John Visser (2013) oil on canvas 28in × 34in × 1in Current Bid: $1350.00 #Toronto #art