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A large pieced ivory figure of Weituo The Buddhist guardian general identified by his young face, warrior's armor and vajra shaped sword as as he stands upon a lotus blossom attached to a waisted base overlaid with ivory tiles, the surfaces highlighted with black pigment (age cracks, tiny chips). Height 30 1/2in (77.5cm)

Ivory Carving, Guanyin on Foo Dog, 20th C. - Carved from a massive tusk th main part of this sculpture is one piece of ivory measuring 8.75" wide. Featuring Quan Yin sitting astride a Foo Dog and holding fire in her hand while her footrests on a lotus leaf. Intricate detailing of the fur and saddle shows floral details. The 'floor' of this piece is scribed to resemble patterning. Dynasty seal carved on the bottom of the base.

Chinese lanterns, also known as the palace lantern(Gongden, 宫灯), is one of Chinese traditional handicrafts in. The lantern handicraft began in the Eastern Han Dynasty (AD 25 -220), and flourished in the Sui and Tang Dynasties (AD 581—907), with strong local characteristics. As the name suggests, it is a lantern originally used in palace. Chinese

Chinese Sancai Roof Tile by CHINESE GLAZED ROOF TILEMore Pins Like This At FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest

CHINESE CARVED IVORY MAN & WOMAN FIGURES Pair of Chinese carved ivory figures depicting a man and woman. The male figure is holding a bamboo fishing pole with basket to right arm. The woman is holding flowers. Each is mounted to wooden bases.

A CARVED IVORY COVERED VASE Having a Fu dog finial surmounting the pierced lid with scrolling clouds and dragon motif, and having ringed figural mask form handles to each side, the body with carved elongated quatrefoil reserves depicting opposing dragons, between the scrolling surrounds, raised on a pierce carved integral base, and further raised on the pierce carved, fitted wood stand.

MARIA MED JESUSBARNET. Frankrike, 1200-talets andra hälft. Gotisk.. - Vårens Klassiska auktion, Stockholm 568 – Bukowskis

Virgin of Quito Ecuador, circa 1750 Paint, wood, gold, silver Spanish Colonial Art | Denver Art Museum