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Adónde van de vacaciones los millonarios? Ni cruceros por las islas griegas ni safaris africanos. Hoy en día, los que tienen cuentas bancarias de más de seis ceros miran hacia las estrellas.

Astronomers have made the most detailed study yet of an extremely massive young galaxy cluster using three of NASA's Great Observatories. This rare galaxy cluster, which is located 10 billion light-years from Earth, is almost as massive as 500 trillion suns. This object has important implications for understanding how these megastructures formed and evolved early in the universe. Astronomers have observed IDCS 1426 when the universe was less than a third of its current age.

The awe factor of God and our Universe. Gotta get over ourselves and what we think we know and is for certain!

Stunning new picture of the Pillars of Creation

The Pillars of Creation Nebula - Twenty years after the initial iconic photo was taken, the Hubble telescope returns for a high-def shot.

The loudest thing humans have invented. The sound alone would kill you within 700 feet. I've been checking on craig's list for a used one.

The Quantum Awakening - 2016 and All Her Gifts

See amazing views of the aurora from the view of a reprter, and elephant-shaped lava flow and more in the best photos for the week of April

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