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20 Interesting Infographics on Design

My ditto: Keep it simple, silly; never stop learning; and keep developing. Guide to a successfull Graphic Designer | -- Future reference because becoming a graphic designer is one of my goals. Not really related to photography, but it is a goal.

Discover the meanings of our new #palette that inspired our website design!

20 Do's and Don'ts for a Successful Small Business Website

The golden ratio should not need any introduction to those who have studied math and design in school. Some designers apply these mathematical concepts to come up with more visually appealing works. This infographic from covers a few golden ratio facts:

Just did a card for a friend in 15 minutes on Used to take weeks to design, meet, change, redraw, do layout, spec paper & color, deliver to printer, wait a week, pick up from printer. Now it's done in 3 days.