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Mes solaires Tom Ford | Kutch x Couture

I'm still Looking for a good frosting recipe that will pipe beautifully. Post image for Silky White Chocolate Buttercream

Short-eared owl by Nirav Gandhi.

Dating Rabaris, the Nomads of Kutch

BEFORE THEY PASS AWAY, (Jimmy Nelson photo) Although only about one to two percent of the Rabari still practise an entirely nomadic lifestyle, the main sources of Rabari income remain livestock and related products such as milk, wool, leather and dung.

Brilliant classic pic from Greater Kutch

EDITOR'S PIC OF THE DAY Photo: Ingetje Tadros In the Little Rann of Kutch, India's salt producing heartland, thousands of families (incl. children as young as 10) work in the desert using a harvesting technique unchanged for centuries. Wages are low and offer few changes for the children of saltpan workers to escape a cycle of poverty and poor health. Gujarat.