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Why Supersize Meal Portions Lead to Overeating

Overeating from Supersize Meal Portions: Supersize meal portions are becoming the norm

What is the food that can really improve your eyesight?

Many people suffer declining eyesight as they get older, but is there something…

Don’t fall into the pharmaceutical trap of masking problems that will not go away unless we make healthy changes to our lifestyle choices. Doctors and medicine have their place and usefulness (when necessary) of course for issues outside of our control, but remember that there is no adequate substitute for appropriate portions of (the best 6 doctors): fresh air and sunshine, clean water, good and nutritious food, proper rest, and regular exercise.

Serving Sizes for 18 Fruits and Vegetables

Serving sizes can vary based on whether they're raw, cooked, juiced, or dehydrated. Here's a look at serving sizes for 18 fruits and veggies.

Learn how to eat correct portions sizes during meals and snacks to slim down faster and keep the weight off for good.

4 Serving-Size Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them

Keeping portions in check can be difficult, especially since the serving sizes listed on packages often seem unrealistically small. Here are some of the foods that can trip people up when it comes ...

Smoking 'causes hundreds of DNA changes'

Smoking 'causes hundreds of DNA changes' - The authors found that, on average, smoking a packet of cigarettes a day led to: ■ 150 mutations in each lung cell every year ■ 97 in the larynx or voice box ■ 23 in the mouth ■ 18 in the bladder ■ six in the liver