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Our role as Jews is to be an example. The Torah describes us, thousands of years ago, as expressing the virtues of modesty and privacy.

The Torah describes two acts of creation: G‑d’s creation of the universe, and the Israelites’ creation of the Mikdash or Mishkan, the sanctuary that traveled with them in the desert, the prototype of the Temple in Jerusalem. The connection between them is not incidental.

Whenever the Torah describes the birth of twins, it goes into minute detail, as if we are the grandparents who are anxious to hear about every step of the labor and delivery. Why?

In which Moses implores G‑d, describes the Exodus and the giving of the Torah, predicts Israel’s abandonment and return to G‑d, and summarizes the fundamentals of the Jewish faith.

Letters from The Rebbe - "Basically the problem has its roots in a misconception of the scientific method or, simply, of what science is."

Aaron, the high priest, is to light the menorah daily with pure olive oil. The priestly garments are described, and G‑d details the seven-day initiation process for Aaron and his sons. Instructions for the building of the golden altar are given.

The second level emerges when Torah becomes not just an acquisition of knowledge and a subject-object encounter—an “I” facing “it”—but a personal meeting place, an “I” facing “you,” or better yet, a “we” relationship . . .

‘Daily Wisdom’ From the Rebbe a Rich Addition to’s ‘Daily Study’ Section - Torah inspiration and teachings at the click of a mouse or tap of a finger - Chabad-Lubavitch News

Can we reconcile the Torah’s narrative of creative with the prevailing scientific view on the age of the universe?

It’s understandable that if you had to rely on a daily miracle to eat, you’d…