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Autonomous Adult-Sized Tricycles

2015 Eco Transportation - These 2015 eco transportation trends range from hybrid bicycles to sporty electric vehicles that are designed with both style and sustainability in...

71 Gift Ideas for Artistic Children

Concrete Monster Toys The Collectible United Monsters are a Line of Art Toys for Adults

Top 75 Modern Trends in August

August 2015 Modern - The top August 2015 modern trends showcase a variety of ultramodern movements within the design industry and beyond. While minimalism persists as...

Hybrid Flying Machines

XTI Aircraft Company has created the "TriFan six-seater private plane made of carbon fiber and epoxy with two high performance turboshaft engines and three built-in deducted fans that act as p...

Virtual Exercise Screens

Virtual Exercise Screens - The Zone Dome Virtual Treadmill Monitor Takes You to Another Location (GALLERY)

Heart-Monitoring Sport Watches

The Garmin Forerunner family has long been a pretty great way to bring some science to your running. For the latest versions, what’s mostly not broke ain’t being fixed, but there are some neat-looking new features.