Just in time for the holidays, Walt Disney Animation Studios has released a NEW set of Big Hero 6 Activity Pages featuring exclusive Big Hero 6 Christmas crafts, Big Hero 6 party invitations, and how to draw Big Hero 6 character set.

Toned paper sketches for sale! Money is pretty tight this month, so I’m selling the originals of all these drawings! Each one is inches and signed by me. They’re up for grabs over at my Etsy Shop! If these do well then I’ll be sure to draw some more.

This bothers me because Eric, being a Prince, felt it was his duty to take in this lost girl?? Like she washed up on his kingdom and he's supposed to leave her there? Come on now -_- Prince Eric | 11 Disney Characters Who Were Secretly Just The Worst

Disney Princess hairstyles. I would love to learn how to properly draw with color pencils. May be good practice. I love how they make Elsa's hair white other than blonde-ish :)

I still draw like this Why it is relevant? I can't draw What you like about the image. It exactly states my problem. What inspiration it provides - what aspects of this inspiration will you or could you use in your own artwork? I need to draw better