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This law went into effect as of February, 2015, after years of efforts - and attempts to cry 'religious persecution' by those who insist on continuing barbaric practices in the name of some Middle-eastern mythology. All modern nations should follow suit. NO exceptions to our laws for religions! If making a conscious animal bleed to death in fear while you mumble to a non-existent diety is necessary for you, then move to the Middle East where barbaric practices are still welcomed.

In the UK . . .MI6 Chief’s chilling warning to the people of Britain: “We cannot protect you against Muslim terror attacks”

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The sign says"My Iranian born dr is keeping me alive! " #Trump #Muslimban #Iran #USA #America #Humanity #Viral #Obama #BernieSanders #american #Europe #UK #Germany #MidddleEast

At 12 Gul was married off to a 60yr old. He hit her daily, despite her pleas. 'My family told me 'that is your life'' 'I tried to poison myself several times but it didn't work; I had to escape.' After 5yrs, in Nov. 2012, Gul ran away with an Afghani. Days later her brother found them, axed her boyfriend to death, and hacked her 15 times, leaving Gul for dead. Amazingly, surgeons saved her. Doctors paid for her care until a Kabul Shelter took her in.

#Media #Oligarchs #MegaBanks vs #Union #Occupy #BLM #Humanity 'Bodega strike' sees more than 1,000 New York grocery stores close in protest against Donald Trump's Muslim ban http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/bodega-strike-sees-more-1000-9747846 Hundreds of Yemeni American store owners descended on Brooklyn Borough Hall to pray, rally and support those blocked from travelling More than 1,000 New York city grocery stores shut their doors today, as Yemeni Americans went on strike in…

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