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تصویر مرد جوان، اواسط قرن 19میلادی، آبرنگ بر روی کاغذ، موزه هنر و تاریخ ژنو، Portrait d'un jeune dignitaire, milieu 19e s Image: 326 x 204 mm (miniature); feuille: 332 x 212 mm Aquarelle sur papier Musées d'art et d'histoire, Genève.

نجیب زاده، اصفهان، رنگ و روغن روی بوم، قرن 17 میلادی، 158.1 در 82 سانتیمتر Persian School (Safavid, Isfahan), 17th Century PORTRAIT OF A NOBLEMAN oil on canvas 158.1 by 82 cm.

نوازنده، قرن 16 میلادی، دوره صفوی A Youth Playing A Stringed Instrument Iran Period Safavid, late 16th century 34.7 x 23 cm A portrait of a youth playing a tar, one of the most important classical Persian instruments. A tar (‘string’ in Persian) is a long-necked lute played in Iran. It has a characteristic double-bowl shape and is usually carved from mulberry wood and covered with a lambskin membrane on top. This tar has five strings, although modern ones have six strings.

Intriguing portraits created without faces

Henrietta Harris is an artist and illustrator from New Zealand who has created a series of seemingly unfinished portraits. Each drawing is a portrait with the subjects face missing — instead, the crisp black and white images are focused on fine lines and clean shapes. The hair on the subjects is incredibly detailed but the facial area of the image is completely blank. For more of her work, check out Harris’ website.

An important Ottoman metal-thread curtain of the Holy Ka'ba door (burqa), Egypt, period of Sultan Abdulhamid I, dated 1194 AH/1780 AD

تصویر یک جوان ، شیوه محمد صادق، نیمه دوم قرن 18 میلادی، رنگ و روغن روی بوم، 172 در 94 سانتیمتر. PORTRAIT OF A PRINCELY YOUTH, SYTLE OF MUHAMMAD SADIQ, QAJAR, PERSIA, SECOND-HALF OF THE18TH CENTURY oil on canvas 172 by 94cm.