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Bylinky - neměly by n našem jídelníčku chybět. Většina z nás má překyselený organismus a to stojí za řadou civilizačních nemocí. Zelená strava působí nejvíce alkalicky, takže zařazení do jídelníčku čerstvého drinku přispěje našemu organismu k normalizaci Ph. Pro koho je výroba nápoje náročná, pak doporučujeme Sevenpoint2 Greens -

How to Grow Onions - From Start to Finish #Gardening

Onions are edible bulbs. They are members of the allium family, along with chives, garlic, leeks...

The Spice Series: Vanilla

Growing Vanilla Beans Indoors | The Spice Series: Vanilla Coffee, Cacao and Vanilla are beans not nuts. And Vanilla is not even a tree, but while Vanilla is a spice coffee and chocolate fall between the lines so I'm pinning them here and on Herbs and Spices.

How to grow Cardamom

Learn How to Grow Cardamom, one of the most expensive spices in the world. Growing cardamom is moderately difficult but you can learn how to do it by reading this article.

Straw bale gardening- Why? Straw bales are generally sterile and free of weeds, they warm up quickly, they are raised up which helps people who cannot get low to the ground, and can be recycled into compost.

You may think you can’t grow cinnamon at home, but it’s actually easier than you think. Growing a cinnamon tree (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) takes the concept of edible landscaping to a…