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Cost for Rehab—Know Your HMO Using an HMO to cover the cost for rehab will guarantee coverage for at least part of the treatment. There is, however, a wide range of HMOs and their extent of coverage, so research and willingness to adapt may be needed on your part.

" Are you−−or is someone you care about−−taking tranquilizers or sleeping pills? You could be at risk of addiction without even knowing it. "Benzos" are the most commonly prescribed tranquilizers and sleeping pills, in use by millions of people. Doctors prescribe these drugs routinely without ever warning patients that regular use may cause a dangerous dependency." Go to for more free info. And you can get help at

SMART Recovery is a “crosstalk” process group that uses CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to empower individuals struggling with addiction to take charge of their own recovery.

Gay pride is a way for those who are gay and lesbian to feel normal and not like outcasts.

COPY THIS: Bill Cosby once said,"______." ADD your thoughts, and WRITE for 12 minutes. **Standards: (developing topics using quotations, establishing a formal style, drawing evidence from text to support analysis, punctuating direct quotes) Lesson source: