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Gravity Falls: Gifts & Merchandise

Bill Cipher pattern - plain iPhone Case/Skin. LOVE THIS CASE!! this website has a ton of gravity falls shirts and stuff. Pretty cool!

fantastica fotografia de tel�fono #android


Gravity Falls,фэндомы,красивые картинки,GF art,Mabel Pines,GF Персонажи

We love him too ... right? pg02

A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That<<< 0_0 I love this so much!<<<smooth animation is smooooooth

Gravity Falling by on @DeviantArt

Gravity Falling by on @DeviantArt

Hana : Nose iPhone Case @Amanda Horting HAHAHAHAHA!

judging from this journal entry alone, I have decided that I am soos in another life