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Indeed! We don't have problems without reason. Always seek the deeper meaning in everything. Rev. Sandra Rodgers

No matter what darkness is occuring in your life right now, know that it will not last forever. The sun always rises in the morning. Love and light, Rev. Sandra Rodgers

And she rose into the light without a second thought for that which no longer served her. Rev. Sandra Rodgers

Right! I refuse to compete with anyone. You do your thing at your pace and I'll do my thing at my pace. We are all a work in progress, each unique in our individual purposes, contributing to the Whole, the Collective of all that is, was, or ever will be. Namaste! Rev. Sandra Rodgers

This is most generally true. We cannot heal it, until, at first we feel it. Love and light, Rev. Sandra Rodgers

Absolutely! However, we must stop dwelling in the past for these things to make themselves known to us! Rev. Sandra Rodgers

Stop waiting, stop anticipating... All there is, is NOW! NAMASTE!--- Rev. Sandra Rodgers

Plant good seeds and tend them well. Have faith that everything is unfolding as it should. Rev. Sandra Rodgers

We should reflect each evening on the day we just lived. In doing this, we will see where we still need to focus on change and where we have made progress. Loving each other is why we are all here. We must try to remember this in all that we do... Blessed be! Rev. Sandra Rodgers