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By raising your energetic vibration you show up in the world in a whole new way. You become more aligned with your highest vision of yourself, people and opportunities become naturally drawn to you and you step into a place of ease and grace in your body that feels utterly delicious.

The introduction of genetically engineered seeds, and the coercion of Indian farmers to use them, has led to the largest wave of recorded suicides in human history. - Mercola

How to Finally Free Yourself from Negative Eating Habits

Hungry for Food, Hungry for Life: What Makes Dieting Unsustainable | #VLME Many people who create "diet-programs" not only deprive themselves of food they want, but also they lives they want as well. If we find out what are deeper hungers are and begin to create a life more consistent with those needs, changing what we eat will not be so difficult.

Sun Salutations Cheat Sheet | #VLME