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Scottish Beach Finds rainbow sea glass heart. The colours! I am so jealous. Wish we had this variety here in Australia!❤

Don’t worry, be happy (34 photos)

What hurts us is cumulative. It happens over time. We absorb blow after blow, shock after shock, painful hit after hit. But even then, even if we know exactly how we got here, it doesn't mean we can fix it. You can't heal every wound, and that's okay. I have to believe it's okay. I have to believe that even if something seems like it cannot be fixed, it doesn't mean it's broken."

Carla Madriga Embroidery. Pinned in response to the Williams, Dunlap, and McCandles piece. It is in reference to the way that these authors stressed the importance of speaking from the heart to overcome resistance from students to multicultural curricula.