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Fire & Flood/How to Ruin a Summer Vacation. Disaster poem from Eric!

The Dark Winter/What Do I Do With My Money/Bahamas. Eric's winter travel book spine poem!

No Longer at Ease/Things Fall Apart/Out of Their Minds/World on Fire/It's Always Something/The Transforming Principle/The Evolution of Cooperation/Earth in the Balance. MamaJoules' book spine poem!

Tracks/On the Road/Shiver/The Last Unicorn. Maria's book spine poem!

Before I Go to Sleep/Wicked/Map of Love/Set Me Free. Ariana's book spine poem!

Becoming Who You Are/Less is More/Essays in Idleness/Happiness. Daniel's thoughtful book spine poem!

Time and Again/Paradise/Stolen Away/By the Sword. Mark's thoughtful book spine poem!

If You Were Here/After Dark/A Covenant of Witches/Hide and Seek/The Moonstone. Susan's book spine poem!

In a Perfect World/Things Fall Apart/All is Forgotten, Nothing is Lost. Scott's book spine poem!

Red/Porch Lights/On Chelsea Beach/Fade/The Crystal Cave/Where We Belong/Until It's Over. Bonnie's book spine poem!