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“Helps to provide an extra level of support to help prevent ankle Sprains”

Prevent your ankles from injuries during sports or other activities by using Aircast Ankle Support #myWedjat #AnkleSupport #Painmanagement

Learn what types of core exercises you should do regularly to strengthen your muscles and help relieve and prevent back pain.

Our resident coach Hillary Kigar shares a simple exercise you can do twice a week on each leg to help prevent pesky shin splints.

Complete Runners’ Guide For Treating & Preventing Ankle Sprains: Preventing Ankle Sprains ~ I don’t get ankle sprains a lot, but when they happen, they are a real annoyance. Runners with an ankle sprain are sentenced to take a break from training, and spend the upcoming days—even weeks— in agonizing pain whenever they step on the injured ankle. That really sucks. Nevertheless with the right management, a runner can soon be back to running strong again.

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