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Joss Whedon: President of the Chris Evans Fan Club

Joss Whedon: President of the Chris Evans Fan Club----> I know this is a commentary, but can you imagine Joss just standing off camera and just saying those words out loud, and Chris Evans just turns to face him like "Really?"


I don't get it... Hee (the line from The Rundown runs through my head when I watch this scene)<<<seriously? Thor. Thor is what follows. That's why he doesn't like thunder because of Thor is coming.


All He Really Wanted

I assume you all know this, but The Avengers was really good. Prometheus was also good, but it wasn't Avengers good. You should still see both of those films though because movies are great and you're great and confound it…


Everyone's beautiful to Captain America! Our Captain loves me this I know / For Steve Rogers tells me so. / Wounded hearts to him belong. / We have faith, for Steve's not wrong. <-- Lycadia, to the tune of Jesus Loves Me, because I can't help myself.