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Through my Eyes by Hashiree <- I would like them to switch mask in the show, that would be fun!<<<-oh my gosh this is hilarious

I just imagine the Awkward Seal face under Deadpool's mask

Awww. I dont know why..but i'm quite sure that Spidermans are the most loveable, adorkable, cutenesses of all of the cosplayers in Comic Con every single time. It's a fact. :D

My past... Doesn't define me My strength... Is a ilusion My calm.... Makes a storm My innocence... is not ignorance

From left to right: Emma Bloom. Jacob Portman. Enoch O'Connor. Olive Abroholos Elephanta. Horace Somnusson. Fiona Frauenfeld. Bronwyn Bruntley. Claire Densmore. Hugh Apiston. Millard Nullings. Miss Alma LeFay Peregrine. The masked twins