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Womens set of bondage lingerie two piece adjustable body harness with tutu belt

Boicebox Tiered : des pedalboards durables en bambou.

RS Guitarworks Burst Boost the classic Les Paul guitar styling is kind of delightful: skirted knob, sunburst finish, cream switch plate, binding on edges, mahogany side…

Details about Chemistry Holeyboard WIDE Guitar Effects Pedal Board

Interesting design for a velcro free pedal board. Chemistry Holeyboard WIDE Guitar Effects Pedal Board | eBay $108

One-of-a-kind etched Warmjet V fuzz box by Ghost Effects. Based on the WEM Project V fuzz as used by Brian Eno on his album "Here Come the Warm Jets," especially on the title song. If any stomp box could sound good just by looking good, this one would. Six (!) LEDs, which I believe require a second 9v battery! There aren't any great demos of it, so it's hard to tell if it's worth saving for, but WOW.