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The signs of jaab' solar calendar. Similar to other Mesoamerican cultures, the Maya employed a 365-day solar calendar (jaab'). The jaab' is divided into 18 "months" of 20 days, plus 5 "unlucky" days at the end called wayeb'.

Impacta a tus clientes, no al planeta. Iguana 4 Studio. Stands, promocionales y regalos corporativos ecológicos. #EcoDesign #Upcycling Diseño Mexicano Vidrio Reciclado.

This one-of-a-kind, charming wooden box is expertly covered with lotería paper. The removable lid is similar to a shadow or nicho box. The inset 3-D display in the top of the box is decorated with several small lotería cards, and lots of shiny-ness, glitter and beads. So much detail and

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Week Who were the Mound Builders? The first mound builders were the Adena people. They were agriculturalists that buried their chiefs in great mounds of

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