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Cuando te ves obligado a poner la gorra en el último agujero porque tu cabeza es simplemente demasiado grande. | 19 Terribles momentos que todo aquel con cabeza grande ha experimentado

Me<<< same with dark colors, like jet black with bright highlights, and a lip ring too, little children stare at me

Not really, no. --- yeah...I stopped on my walk to the beach today to take a picture of a realtor's sign, just because it said "Crowley and Associates", and that was the highlight of my day. At the BEACH. I'm so far from the time before I was obsessed that I should be writing it advice letters in therapy.

This is so true and disturbing! It's not right that people are killed for what they believe, stuck up leaders that think their religion is the only way are the people that lead others to do stuff like this... And it isn't cool! Everyone is human, people believe different things! Welcome to the 2015!

You know what's strange? I typed in "i hate it when" and it said "I hate it when...unicorns.""I have it when Hitler..." "I hate it when a velocriraptor somethingsomething...." HILARIOUS

"I'm a redhead with 3 tone hair. When people ask who does my highlights, I always answer "God""

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