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The Best Documentaries About Ghosts

A Statue that Moves Photo by Chris Stewart Taken before repairs where done. Another phenomenon connected to this haunting is a statue called, Pioneer Women and Children. This statue is near the lake and the old log cabin that houses the California Women’s Pioneer Association. When the ghost is active at the lake witnesses report this statue moves as well. Another trigger is when people stand near it late at night. The statue then comes to life and changes positions. Its' face changes ...

These 5 Urban Legends in Missouri Will Keep You Awake at Night

The Devil's Chair - These 5 Urban Legends in Missouri Will Keep You Awake at Night -

For 13 years (1974 -1987) on Chase Street in West Pittson, Pennsylvania, an ordinary family encountered something they couldnt explain, and couldnt free themselves of. Their story became famous when the media became involved, and their ordeal was told in a book and a movie, each titled The Haunted. It began when Jack and Janet Smurl moved from Wilkes-Barre Pennsylv

10 Ghost Stories That Are Totally Freaking Real

She died from being possessed with 6 different ghost there is a movie about it called The Extremism of Emily rose watch it just not alone or else you'll be scared shitless