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Uncle Veracity on

Mr Deplorable on Twitter: "#LiberalPrivilege is using the MSM as an attack dog to herd mindless sheep:"

✨ConservativeJewel✨ on

What a fake feminist! Hillary has received 10 million from countries that enslave woman

Wow...repost, repost, repost. I remember seeing the news coverage of the youngest guy on the news. It was the shortest blurb and all I kept thinking was "how was this not made into the biggest deal...why didn't the media blast gunowners over this...this was a loss for the democrats- why did no one care??"

Not only does she not believe gun ownership is a constitutional right, and refuse to answer the question twice, notice the professional parseltongue: “if it is a constitutional right”& SHE'S ELECTED, KISS THE and AMENDMENTS GOODBYE