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Hawaii $1 silver certificates so often come in dark colors, but not this example. The fresh bright white paper can clearly be seen even through the tinted PMG holder. This is your chance to own a piece of WWII history.

Fr. 16c - 1862 $1 Legal Tender A gorgeous example of this early Legal Ace that possesses fresh and bright paper, bold ink colors, and embossing of the Treasury Seal and serial numbers. PCGS mentions a small repair in the top margin as the reason for its Apparent designation but the repair is small and insignificant and does nothing to detract from this pretty note's overall appearance. Despite the repair, it is an ideal candidate for a high grade circulated type set.

A pack fresh example of this early San Francisco fifty dollar federal reserve note that displays vibrant color and bright, white paper. Only a slender left margin holds this pretty note from a Gem grade.

Fr. 2305 - 1934A $20 Hawaii Federal Reserve Note We don't see anything on this WWII era $20 that should keep it out of at least a 64 holder. The colors and details are exceptional.

Group Lot: 27 Various US Banknotes 1935A $1 Hawaii AU, 1935A $1 Hawaii VF rust, 1934A $5 North Africa XF+, 1928G $2 AU+, 1953 $2 AU+, 1963A $2 VF, (4) 1935A $1 North Africa Fine, 1928A $1 silver certificate VF, 1929 $5 ch. 6311 Kansas City VF, 1917 $1 legal tender Fine+, 1923 $1 silver certificate F/VF, 1899 $1 silver certificate VF, 1918 $1 FRBN fine, 1914 $5 FRN fine, 1907 $5 legal tender fine, City of Kansas 1870 $2 obsolete, 1902 $5 blue seal ch. 4939 St.

This will likely be one of the most closely followed lots in today's auction. All emergency issue stars are extremely popular. Any advanced set of small size notes needs a high quality WWII issue star. The opportunity to acquire a Hawaii $1 replacement in such a high grade may not occur again for a couple of years. And odds are the opening bid won't be as attractive as just $2,500.

This experimental silver certificate is centered far better than your average high grade example. And this piece is free of the dark paper that makes so many other similar notes unattractive.

A near-Gem example from this less often seen $100 federal reserve note series that possesses plenty of original embossing, good color, and bright, white paper. A mere 396,000 notes were printed for the Chicago district for this series.

This won't be the most expensive lot in today's auction, but it is near the top in terms of desirability and coolness. The latest census of Hawaii sheets stands at just 42 known uncut examples. Where they are hiding is anyone's guess, because they certainly aren't as available as that total would suggest. The sheet we are offering here has been folded between the notes so it is technically only AU