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firereine: so this was supposed to have been a thank you for 100 followers but its a bit late haha ive been procrastinating. i hope this masterpost will give you a bit of insight into how i study as well giving you ideas for your own planning. i know the title slide is pretty simple and boring but i needed to post this before i procrastinate again so itll just stay like this for now. either way heres the masterpost (thanks again everyone!!): Suggestions for In Class: Listen to the…

This is so true. everyone comes through your life for a reason, whether they stay or leave. - Will true love enter your own life very soon? ...all is disclosed ..

a little note to everyone: don't feel pressured that you have to look a certain way because you don't. if you want to, then that's fine. if you don't, that's fine also. don't want to wear makeup? don't. don't want to shave your legs? don't. don't have a figure like photoshopped models? that's fine. as long as your happy with yourself, then don't change. if your not then change whatever you don't like for yourself, not for others or because you feel you should. ily all and you're all…

Just a little note to everyone out there struggling with body issues, feelings of inadequacy, and negative views. It's a hard road to change something so deeply ingrained, but keep up the good fight you're doing better then you think!

Home Tour: Sonoma Water Tower Hideaway

Cotton balls for when you can't hear yourself think. Chocolate kisses to remind you we love you. Rubber bands to help you remain flexible. Tissue to dry your tears and the tears of others. Band-aids to remind you that feelings get hurt easily. Starburst for a burst of energy on days you don't have any. Eraser to remind you everyone makes mistakes and that's ok. Stickers to remind you to stick to your goals. Penny to remind you you are valuable and special.

WELCOME! Please read :)

WELCOME! Please read :) Welcome to my closet! Just a couple little notes :) if you see something you like please feel free to make me an offer! All offers a negotiated through the offer button, not in the comments. And everyone likes a good deal but please be reasonable :) I follow all Posh rules I am not currently trading, either. I'm still somewhat new and getting the hang of this! If you have any questions please feel free to ask! HAPPY POSHING! Other

Learn how to say NO without feeling guilty or thinking you are hurting someone. Pleasing everyone is enormously exhausting.