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Renew Medical

Logo Sold Beautiful powerful stylized person with their hands reaching outward in different directions.

Unlock Lotus

Logo Sold: Beautiful blossoming lotus design the bottom leaves forming a key hole.

Logo for sale: Stylized elements representing land water and sun combined together create this beautiful representative design. The sun can also repent a wing.

Logo for sale: Beautiful calming logo design. The tree top is designed to resemble a beautiful abstract landscape scenery.

Zengery Yoga Studio

Logo Sold Modern, clean and powerful logo design depicting a figure posing with their hands, a blooming lotus flower surrounds the sitting yoga figure. A powerful and vibrant sun ray burst surrounding the a meditating yoga figure.

Premade Logo Design. Natural Logo. Tea Leave Logo. Watermark Logo Design. Skin Care Logo. Custom Watercolor Branding. Logo Template. EL382

Premade Logo Design. Natural Logo. Tea Leave Logo. by easylogo

Logo for sale: Beautiful stylized amaryllis flowers grow in this garden design with a gardener's hand spade.

Logo for sale: Two beautiful stylized humming birds create a church within the white space the design.

Logo for sale by Melanie D: Soft and whimsical logo design of a hand that’s created with bright colorful overlapping ribbons. The ribbons extend downward to create the impression of tree roots with simple leaf shapes added to the finger tips to represent the tree canopy. Within the center of the hand/tree is a dominant heart, which represents love, compassion and kindness.