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Split, Croatia __________________ Views from the top of the bell tower looking out over the rectangular city of Diocletian's Palace and the bay. Dating from the 7th century, the Cathedral of Saint Domnius was built reusing Diocletian's Imperial Roman m

Exploring Orléans, France - Cathedral Ste Croix ____________________ History has not been kind to the city of Orléans which has seen more than its fair share of sieges from Gauls, Julius Caesar, Attila the Hun, English in the Hundred Years War and the Naz

The Palm Greenhouse - part of the Imperial Hofburg Palace in Vienna Austria. Today it holds a Buttefly Garden and cafe Country: #Austria | City: #Vienna

Diocletian's Palace Peristyle, Split, Croatia __________________ The Peristyle was the central open air space for Diocletian's Palace - the emperor's personal Roman Forum. The Peristyle still contains a 3,500 yr old Egyptian sphinx, original marble colu

The Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, Croatia ____________________ Hello Baroque! The Croatian National Theater in Zagreb was built in 1895 by Viennese architects and opened by emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria. Here you can watch theatre, opera and ba

Würzburg, Germany --------------------- Beautiful fall days in Germany walking through the Würzburger Residence Gardens where the new palace was built in 1744. Over 80% of the city was destroyed in WWII bombings. Many buildings have been rebuilt includin

Pula, Croatia Arena ________________________ The 1st-century amphitheatre is the six largest surviving Roman arenas in the world. In Roman times the arena held 25,000 people and was surrounded by temples of Jupiter, Juno and Minerva. The arena has been s

If walls could talk? The Bayeux Cathedral dates back to Roman times, was important in the Norman conquest, and largely unscathed by the WWII Normandy invastion. ____________________ Bayeux, at the center of two of history's prominent trans-channel invasio

Views from the Upper Belvedere Baroque Palace across the gardens to the lower Belvedere palace and a beautiful Viennese Sunset Country: Austria | City: Vienna