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"Wherever you go, in every country, or in every continent, people yearn and hunger for only one thing: to love and be loved. Love transcends international boundaries and heals the wounds of hatred,...

13 Powerful Portraits Of Africa's Scarred Faces

13 Powerful Portraits Of Africa's Scarred Faces - Found via Buzzfeed - "Joana Choumali’s stunning photo series “The Last Generation” captures the social practice of scarification in Africa – the act of scarring one’s face as a cultural tradition. Scarification is a permanent body decoration with ancient origins; it’s considered a ritual of passage to adulthood and a statement of belonging."

Pakistan's North-West Frontier Province with Afghanistan | Portrait of a Kalash girl. The Kalash are a tiny and dwindling community of non-muslims living in two valleys in the Hindu Kush mountains. Their culture and belief system differs drastically from the various ethnic groups surrounding them but is similar to that of the neighboring Nuristanis (Kafirs) in northeast Afghanistan | Image and caption © Sam Seyffert.

47 Stunning Photographs Of People From Around The World

Sometime's we see Photography that's can move us and bring up a variety of emotions, today's post does just that with these stunning photographs of people from around the world. Living in our own little bubble