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backstage at richard chai by greg mitola


Toby)I ran to the bathroom locking the door.I haven't felt good all day.I throw up.and then looked at the sink it was full of blood.My eyes widened as someone knocked on the door

Kat's Chem Tablets. It controls her hunger for blood while also keeping Trina under control as well. But it weakens her power. She doesn't like to take them because they taste horrible.

"Yes! Chips!" "RM, those are noodles." "Whatever. Chip noodles. Happy? They were already stale before the outbreak." "That's because you boil them." "Who boils chips?" "They're not chips! Christ. Fucking forget it."


He glances over his shoulder only to wince at the stains left behind. His own blood trail creeps behind him like a bad nightmare, inching it's way across the courtyard and up the short steps behind him. (Writing by Maggie Fellows)