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Explore Myst Surface, Treated Topaz and more!

10.50 CTS ECSTACY MYST - SURFACE TREATED TOPAZ (SB296) This Topaz stone has been coated with high quality and durable metals, oxides and nitrides to creat the amazing colour. The treatment process uses film technology that is used by high end optical and semiconductor manufacturers. When treated this way, the treatment will last the lifetime of the Topaz stone. The best way to care for this gem is to treated as you would a Emerald, opal or pearl.

8.65 CTS ECSTACY MYST - SURFACE TREATED TOPAZ (SB295) This is a well cut natural topaz stone that has been surface treated to create a stunning colour.

52.50 CTS LARGE TOP LAGUNA LACE AGATE FROM MEXICO [ST7624 ] This is a natural untreated agate from Chihuahua Mexico displaying a intriguing pattern .This stone is well polished and shows beautiful paterns with vibrant colour.

LONDON BLUE TOPAZ --CUT BOTH SIDES -VS- 8.92 CTS [TS816 ] Cut Oval Grading VS Size 15 x 10 x 7 mm app Weight 8.92 cts app