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メイド喫茶店@ワンダーパーラー on

Twitter / wonderparlour: メイド服ぶわー RT300近く・・・・って・・・とうとうロ ... Maid Buwa


池袋のメイド喫茶「ワンダーパーラーカフェ」のロングメイド服が大反響!ロングメイドの時代きたと話題に もっと見る

This is a Japanese maid costume with a mini-maid skirt. It's playing upon the lolicon thing which is a fascination with that newly minted/girly sexuality and some Japanese take exception to it. Basically, it's the Japanese version of the sexy catholic school girl outfit. Not to be confused with Goth Lolita Maid outfit -- it is a modern maid costume -- no gloves, collars, cuffs. It is sexy and it is 'moe' or adorably cute.