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Albert is making muffins--but he's missing some ingredients! His friends are happy to share, but when Albert borrows more and more, it's up ...

(Kane Press) Albert, Wanda, and Cousin Pete take a trip to the fruit bowl in the People Kitchen. Albert is the smallest mouse, so he gets the the smallest piece of fruit. But Albert dreams of bagging the biggest piece of fruit in the whole kitchen-if only he can avoid the cat!

Mr. McGinty's monarchs by Linda Vander Heyden. Mr. McGinty and his dog Sophie love observing Monarch caterpillars and butterflies on their morning walk, so when they discover that the milkweed Monarchs need to survive has been mowed down, Mr. McGinty comes to the rescue.

The Octopus Scientists : Exploring the Mind of a Mollusk by Sy Montgomery This book looks at the work of renowned octopus scientist Jennifer Mather and a team of researchers on the island of Moorea, where they work to learn more about octopuses and their behavior.

2016 Moonbeam Medalist. "Mr Moon always sleeps. He naps during hide-and-seek, passes out on puzzles and dozes during adventure stories. But what would happen if Mr Moon ever woke up?"