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La magia de los CD drama (?)

Me: O/////O; "I don't need...I really don't.....I won't say it..." *walks away* ~Later~ Me: *sneaks over grabbing many of those books* TT^TT "I couldn't resist...." *walks to register* "I'll take these as fast as you can scan them..." =/////=;

An Ode to Fujoshis

GoBoiano - An Ode to Fujoshis | Hahahahahahahahhahahahahaha!!!!! This is sooo true! I love this article.

LOL, better than dealing drugs yet not. Let's just say if you ain't a fujoshi your better off the way you are. Other fujoshi, you might know what I mean.

Haikyuu & Yuri on Ice

This is actually probably the first time my OTP has kissed and it brings tears of joy to my eyes